China Glaze Glistening Snow

China Glaze Glistening Snow

This beauty, China Glaze Glistening Snow, was part of China Glaze’s winter holiday 2012 collection. The name Glistening Snow fits perfectly because that’s what the polish does: It glistens! :) And I am so glad I have it! This little treasure is liquid silver micro-glitter and a few bits of holo glitter. I found the holo glitter impossible to capture but I assure you that is does exist. I have looked up other people’s swatches, and it seems to be next to impossible to capture the holo-effect on nails. But if you look closely, you can see some holo action going on in the bottle!

Like all the other densely-packed micro-glitter polishes China Glaze Glistening Snow feels very gritty on the nails. But top coat will take care of that! I applied two coats of Glistening Snow and was very pleased with how quickly it dried – which is another plus.
This polish is meant to be layered and I am sure it will look amazing with black, grey, blue and all sorts of cool red and pink shades. A single layer of China Glaze Glistening Snow over any polish should be enough to create the impression of… snow!

Do you like it?

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17 thoughts on “China Glaze Glistening Snow

    • Thank you darling! I always follow back so I just started to follow you via Bloglovin’.
      I will take a close look at your blog, but from the first glance it looks promising. I love to see Essence and Chanel on the same page!

  1. Ohhh! I love this color. I use to dance ballet and when we did our yearly performance of nutcracker this would have been perfect for our Waltz of the Snowflakes dance. I like this because you can wear it year round!

    Xo GS

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